Owned and operated by The Rosenbach Family (Maureen, Chuck & Chef Dan - a Johnson & Wales University graduate) for 41 years, we take pride in the homemade goodness of our creative breakfast and lunch selections, using the freshest ingredients and our uncompromising standards!

Originally established in 1951 by Kenneth Pareseau as a seasonal restaurant serving strictly fresh seafood, it was sold in 1953 to the Mathieu family, who expanded it to a variety/grocery store. From 1956 until1962, it was owned and operated by the beloved Ottile “Tilly” Brix, who added “penny candy” to the mix. It was subsequently owned by the Powers, Madeiros, Gordon and Peabody families.

The popularity of the Rosenbach’s restaurant operation resulted in moving the grocery business out, expanding the restaurant to its present size and providing a homey place for friends and family to meet for culinary delights!

Located in the heart of the South Dennis Historic District, the Red Cottage sits on the site of the 1828 Capt. Wilbur Harden Homestead, later the Obed Nickerson, Jr. Homestead, which was “flaked” and moved to Pocasset, Mass. in 1926. Today’s Red Cottage actually started out as a 2 1/2-room “cottage”, built in 1936 by Walter J. Weeman. Later the house was expanded, the seasonal restaurant opened in the garage, and -for a time- there was a boat-building shop where the restaurant is today!

The Red Cottage enjoyed a top-to-bottom “period restoration” in 2009, boasting a return to its 1950’s splendor in the dining room, state-of-the-art restaurant equipment, and installation of a vintage South Dennis picture collection along the walls.

Our motto remains the same as always - “Same Day Service.”