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HOURS:   7AM - 2PM Daily

Since this is your first time visiting, our regular customers recommend our top Signature Dishes!

You should know:

  • Our home fries are hand cut by us and cooked fresh on the grill to order not frozen and deep-fried. 
  • All eggs are cracked to order, not made in advance in some commissary.
  • All of our bacons (Applewood, Black Pepper and Cajun) are thick (9 slices per pound) and are made exclusively for us - you will not find anywhere in the Northeast. 
  • All of our soups, chowders, salads (tuna, egg, cranberry chicken & curried chicken salad) and salad dressings are all natural and have no preservatives, chemicals or additives.

Chevre Cheese & Fresh Chive Scramble
Don't be afraid – goat cheese is your friend! Go ahead: put a little French in your life! Comes with home fries and toast.

Red Cottage Home Fries
Our most popular dish...this is what put us on the map!
Fresh cooked potatoes, onions, tomatoes, ham, green peppers & mushrooms combined with special spices and topped with lemon Hollandaise sauce.  A great upgrade from our regular home fries.

Spinach & Bacon Crêpes
Baby spinach, our diced applewood bacon, and two farm fresh AA grade eggs folded into airy crêpes topped with our lemon hollandaise sauce, with home fries and toast.

Caramelized Onion Omelette

O.M.G. Good! Our famous 1776 sausage from Boston Smokehouse, caramelized onions and Vermont cheddar cheese made the “R.C.” way! Mmm-mmm Good!

Eggs Napoli
Roasted cherry tomatoes and chopped fresh basil on English muffin with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

French Toast Foster
From the French Quarter of New Orleans.  Caramelized bananas with rum, banana liqueur, butter and brown sugar.

Cinnamon Bun French Toast & 1776 Sausage
Cinnamon glazed French toast, grilled to a golden brown, with three of our savory and juicy 1776 mild pork sausages.

Chocolate - Hazelnut Crêpes
Your classic European-flavor! Gooey and warm filled crêpes with two grade AA eggs, home fries and toast.

Graham Cracker Crêpes
Warm and gooey graham cracker paste (crushed graham crackers, butter, brown sugar & cinnamon) filled crêpes with two extra large eggs, home fries and toast.

Eggs Blackstone
Our extra-thick applewood bacon and sliced tomato combined with two poached eggs, lemon hollandaise sauce atop an English muffin.

Southern Pecan Waffle
Topped with divinely glazed pecans from Young's Plantation of South Carolina and a rich homemade caramel sauce! 

Kilkenny Benny

Irish rashers smeared with boursin cheese on an English muffin with poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce.